The one thing you can do to improve your business by 200% today. And its FREE!

It is the simple things that are the most effective.

The one thing you can do today that is FREE and will improve your business is: Be your own Customer.

Don’t laugh and don’t think you have the answer either. When was the last time you looked at your business using a critical eye as if it was the first time you had ever seen it? Evaluating your business fairly and not through rose coloured glasses.

  1. Physical review which is in-store.
  2. Impression building by Phone. Often your clients won’t come in store if they had a bad experience by phone.
  3. Website and Social Media Profiles.
  • First look at your physical store. When someone walks in what do they see? Dirty windows, dust all over your products, untidy desks, sloppy dressed staff? Or is it bright, neat and clean with professional, pleasant staff eager to please, shiny products on show. Do you need a fresh coat of paint and to brighten up your signs, can you see your signs from the road, do you have ample parking?
  • Phone your business and listen: How is the phone answered? Professional and helpful, or disinterested and chewing gum. Hearing that once, people are unlikely to call back.

Checklist-businessThe same applies to your Website. There are three considerations to understand.

  • If you were looking for you, how easy is it to find you? Say you are a Builder. So Google Builders in your area. Does your site come up at all, if its not on the first page, you need to do something about that. Research shows potential customers do not crawl past the third page.
  • So you found your listing on Google. Look at the titles against your competition. Do you present your services in detail?
  • Next visit your site. Is it slow to load, is everything balanced, colours not obscene. (I once had a client who had a hot pink site. Said everyone remembered it. Yes but they left as soon as they could as the colour hurt their eyes)
  • Is it mobile responsive, try it on your phone, and your mates phone too. Just because a site is mobile responsive doesn’t mean it looks good on every phone. Try it with iPhone, Android and tablet.
  • Also make sure that customers can click to call you and your phone number is at the top of the page. Don’t make your customer work to look for what they want on your site.
  • Products and services: is your site informative and show case what you sell and the services you provide?
  • How do customers contact you? Address, phone, email and social media are all very important way your customers can reach out to you.


Teck-nology design & Marketing can provide you with a professional website audit with recommendations on how your potential and current customers can have a happy experience.

Satisfied and Happy customers = Word of Mouth referrals = a Good reputation and more $$$ in the bank !


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