Happy New Year from Forrest Personnel!


For over 30 years Forrest Personnel has helped thousands of local people with a disability find local jobs with local employers.  We have assisted employers in Rockingham, Kwinana & Henderson to source reliable, hardworking employees throughout a wide range of industries. Pre-screening, shortlisting and selecting employees to meet your criteria.

Because we are a non for profit organisation our Specialist Recruitment Service is Free of Charge.

Wage Subsidies: Did you know that when you employ a candidate through Forrest Personnel you could be entitled to a Wage Subsidy? This is a Government Initiative – ultimately reducing your overheads.

Multiple Wage Subsidies: Are you aware that you can employ multiple staff, and receive multiple Wage Subsidies?

Post Placement Support: You have a team of dedicated staff available to guide and support you throughout the initial period of employment – happy to answer any questions and give you guidance.

Working in Collaboration with you – Forrest Personnel will listen to your needs and aim to match or exceed your requirements by providing you with excellent customer service – every time!

What is a disability?

There are many different kinds of disability affecting 1 in 5 Australians (ABS 2011).  It has been identified that such employees have a productivity equal to or greater than other workers.

You may already be employing a number of employees with either a visible or hidden disability, which may be permanent or temporary and may have minimal or substantial impact on a person’s abilities.

Employing someone with a disability?

Employing people with a disability is likely to attract new skills and bring new and valuable perspectives to your organisation. Not only will this increase talent in your business but by accommodating people with a disability you are gaining loyal and committed employees who will support you in achieving your business objectives.

Please take a moment to view the link below where you will find further information designed to inform you of how we can add value to your organisation by engaging with an employee with a disability:


Just a few of the Benefits – a business case for employing people with a disability.

  • There are fewer occupational health and safety incidents
  • Fewer scheduled absences
  • Return on investment via excellent retention rates
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice provides access to a broad talent pool

Why not contact Forrest Personnel today and speak to Aly Bannister – your local Business Development Specialist

Telephone:  0413 545 814  Email Aly for further informationaly.bannister@fpi.org.au

We know businesses in WA are committed to Diversity, and Care about Inclusion and Social Justice.