Nuts and Stuff

Concetta Sultan believes that when you eat what’s ALL GOOD, you feel good.

 Nuts & Stuff – her handcrafted range of all-natural, versatile nut and seed mix and is only one of the ways she helps people get started on that journey.

The joy and passion of preparing, cooking, and sharing meals together is one of life’s greatest pleasures and stems back to Concetta’s Sicilian ancestors and she hopes everyone can experience that in their lives too.

With that in mind, she’s created a unique Italian cultural experience with Seasonal Sicilian Cooking Series classes here in Rockingham sharing her rich Italian history and her passion for peasant-style Sicilian cuisine. Just a few of what the Series includes –

  • the ancient art of olive curing without preservatives,
  • making Sicilian sausages and pasta by hand,
  • Sicilian street food like arancini, and other authentic dishes.

+ Live Sicilian Cooking Demonstrations at Shire/Council Events, Festivals and Corporate or Private Functions.


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Nuts and Stuff

5 Ecclestone Street
Warnbro, WA 6169 Australia


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