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The Local jobs Program focuses on upskilling, reskilling, and establishing employment pathways for those looking to return to work following COVID – 19. Employment facilitators are dedicated individuals contracted to Commonwealth Government who work with local job seekers in specific regions to connect them with training, job opportunities, or other support. As part of her role, Caroline Marshall is Chairing the Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce and working with local stakeholders including employers, employment service providers, and training organisations to drive the development of the Local Jobs Plan.

Caroline will support local stakeholders to create targeted projects that meet the priorities of the plan. Facilitators will work with organisations that apply for funding through the Local Recovery Finds to ensure employment opportunities are maximised. Caroline Marshall is the Employment Facilitator for the entire Perth South region, encompassing The Western Trade Coast, the region south of the Swan River across to Armadale, down in the South to beyond Waroona near Yarloop, and over to the Peel region.

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