Precision Building Inspections, formerly part of the BPI franchise for the last six and a half years, is now trading under a new business name. Phil will continue to bring the same level of expertise and professionalism to every inspection he completes.

Phil and Belinda have lived in the Rockingham area for over 8 years and originate from NSW. This means Phil has learnt his trade within Australia and follows all relevant Australian Standard building codes. He has worked in the building industry for over 20 years as a Qualified Builder in residential, commercial and industrial building industries.

WA does not require inspectors to have any trade, licence or qualifications. However, it does now have an association of building and property inspectors called InspectWA. We are affiliated with various building inspection associations that require a very high standard to be a member

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Precision Building Inspections

Rockingham Beach, WA 6969 Australia


1800 961 400 (Main)

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