MyOnlineGuy is a new breed of digital marketing agency delivering what businesses need most: a wealth of industry knowledge and strategic vision, combined with transparent and responsive client support. 

We believe in going above and beyond for ambitious business owners that are genuine and down to earth, who pride themselves on great work. Our job is to ensure they’re renowned for it at scale. By taking ownership and truly committing to their success, MyOnlineGuy helps businesses who share our ambition achieve and exceed their goals. 

With evolution at the core of our business, always striving to do more and reach further, our goal is to make our mark on the industry, as an agency you can trust. We do this by building up a team of creative, out-of-the-box thinkers with both feet on the ground, to combine confidence with the ability to achieve quantifiable results.  

As part of our commitment to transparency, we are open and honest about what we do. We ensure clients we partner with truly understand everything we put in motion and pride ourselves on educating as well as executing. We always stand proudly behind our work, and own up to and fix our mistakes. 

We don’t believe in stagnation or complacency. We are always testing, learning and pushing the boundaries to offer the most value to our clients and in the pursuit of improvement. We don’t use strategies we haven’t tested extensively ourselves, and we never recommend a technique to a client we wouldn’t use ourselves.  After several years of establishing ourselves in the industry, MyOnlineGuy continues to grow exponentially, with a reputation for over-communication and a down-to-earth approach & execution. For businesses with drive and passion, MyOnlineGuy has the right ingredients to help them reach all of their business goals. The more ambitious – the better.

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3/8 Thornborough Road
Mandurah, WA 6210 Australia

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Jimmy Mitchell

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