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What are your plans for your retirement?

Mark Chaston: Chaston Financial Solutions – financial planner.

The financial education, coaching and advice that I provide my clients, gives them direction, in their busy and complex lives. The service that I provide is personally tailored and my aim is that each of my clients feels secure with the outcome that they receive.

The “main game” for my business is the “5 steps to plan your retirement” package. The first step is a discussion about what retirement looks like for my client. The next step is a look at the client’s cash flow and debt situation. Step 3 is an analysis of what the client has available to fund their retirement. In step 4 we review what protection measures the clients has in place. The 5th step brings this all together into a plan which encompasses everything from where the client is currently placed, to where they want to go and what needs to be done to get there.

I frequently find that my clients ask for focused effort in step 2 which is looking at the client’s cash flow and debt. Based on this demand I developed a Money Management Programme. I saw a need for this with clients in different stages of their life and my youngest client on the Money Management Programme is 26. This comprises three parts:

  • A robust budget so that we can understand what it costs for my clients to be themselves with a “decent” lifestyle. This is also how my clients measure their success in the Money Management programme.
  • A bank account structure which helps develop positive spending and saving habits and achieving saving targets, and
  • A reporting structure that provides a feedback loop to show how the client is progressing towards their targets.

This is not a set and forget programme, although all three parts are critical, the value is in the coaching which helps my clients to stay on track.

Just as with a sports coach, my job is to enable my clients to get the most out of their finances, I show my clients the tools and techniques which are available, I encourage when times are tough, I congratulate when objectives have been achieved and I help my clients to push through the hard work.

As a locally based practice I work and support my community.  My mantra is to provide a service with integrity and I am fully committed – I do what I say I will do.

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