Meet the 2016 / 2017 Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee

The Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce is steered by the Executive Committee elected from our Membership base.  This committed group of volunteers brings their expertise and vision to the board table with the sole purpose of supporting economic growth in the region.

The Chambers Executive Committee comprises of business professionals from many diverse backgrounds, which ensures that the RKCC Membership is well represented.

Basil Paparone
Malibu Fresh Essentials
Rob McGavin
Vice President
Rockingham Apartments
Brad Dean
Treasurer / Secretary
BDR Business Accountants
Tony Beard
Committee Member
Business Energiser WA
Paul Flannery
Committee Member
Reliance Partners Rockingham
Caroline Hume
Committee Member
Tanglewood Wines
Murray Martin
Committee Member
Venrock Finance
Jean Wootton
Committee Member
Murdoch University
Alex Dunbar
Committee Member
Pheonix Insurance
Cassie Strebel
Committee Member
Suburban Salt Design
James Versteegan
Committee Member
HHG Legal Group
Tony Solin
RKCC Chief Executive Officer
9592 3333
Diana White
RKCC Executive Assistant
9592 3333