4 Ways Parklife Group Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Starting a new business can be daunting, especially when it comes to cutting through the noise. Think about it; there are millions of other businesses out there competing for the spotlight. That’s why having a brand that stands out and grips the spotlight is important. What better way to have a fighting chance than teaming with a design agency who knows their stuff. Here are four ways Parklife Group can make your brand stand out!

01. Parklife Group does their market research so your business doesn’t fall behind

Research is an important part of creating your business. When you researched how your competitors stacked up when it came to their products and services, did you also look at their design?  That’s where we come in. You know how your products work. You know the kind of services you want to offer your customers.

At Parklife Group, we look at the design aspects of your branding. We research your competitors and see how they stack up. From there, we take your branding a step further.  We make sure your business doesn’t fall behind and blend in with the crowd.

02. Our designers at Parklife Group know how colours work to make your brand stand out

A recent branding package we completed for Chaston Financial Solutions

A recent branding package we completed for Chaston Financial Solutions

Neon pink doesn’t go with muddy brown.  Colours affect us mentally and emotionally, and it plays an important role in marketing.

As designers, we know how colours work. We understand how different colours help people engage with your brand. We know the right combination of colours that will give your brand the bold standout effect it needs while making your customers act the way you want them to.

03. A designer makes sure your branding is professional, polished, and timeless

A branding package we completed for The British Brekkie Co.

A branding package we completed for The British Brekkie Co.

Your skills with Paint, Google Images, and PowerPoint isn’t going to cut it if you want a stand out brand.

Having a professional, polished, and timeless brand design is essential to give your business a fighting chance in the market. Unlike other cheap online marketplaces that offer plagiarised designs which can tarnish your business’ reputation, at Parklife Group, we create custom logos and a brand that is yours alone.

04. With a Parklife Group, your brand is seamlessly integrated into digital and print formats 

Stand out branding is consistent branding.  Your brand doesn’t begin and end with a logo and a business card. Branding is print and digital.  Our design team can design other essential branding and marketing material for your business such as vehicle signage, DL brochures, and letterheads.  Do you have a Facebook page? We can also design your profile picture and cover image.  What about a creating and designing website for your business? We can do all of that as well. Our in-house copywriter writes all your website content as well!

Do you want your business to stand out?

We offer various branding and website packages to help you create a strong and memorable brand that stands out above the noise. Find out more about the branding packages here.  Do you want to have a friendly chat about your branding and what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 9524 7621!

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